“A person should always eat and drink less than his means allow, clothe and cover himself according to his means, and honor his wife and children nice with more than his means allow.” "Chullin", 84
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AZ Inter
RGK Security
Mutton Baltic
Rēzeknes gaļas Kombināts
Daugavpils gaļas Kombināts
Frozen meat factory

AZ Inter

AZ-INTER LLC operates both as a primary construction contractor and a subcontractor, performing a broad range of construction and design works, cost estimation, technical and economic analysis of construction solutions, reconciliation of design documents and obtainment of permits; building construction, reconstruction and renovation; technical supervision and construction work quality assurance, commissioning procedures, project management and post-commissioning site maintenance. Read more

Cēsu gaļas Kombināts

“Cesu meat factory” is a “Halal” beef and lamb meet processing company tended on the highest
quality, dynamic development and appropriate to all necessary European standards. Company is
founded in February 2016 and its main tendency is to develop and to expand. “Cesu meat
factory” can be proud of strong positions in Latvian market, which are based on honest and
reliable relationships between cooperation partners in each and every step of the cooperation
from purchase of cattle to fulfilment of client’s order.

For “Cesu meat factory” it is very important to deliver only the best quality products to our clients! Read more

RGK Security

RGK Security LLC employs a professional team of security personnel and operates in accordance with the rigorous quality standards it has developed and adopted. The enterprise has been issued a special permit (licence) for the performance of security operations under No. 1484.
RGK Security LLC is a company with a solid material and financial base. Read more


The history of RicBerry is personified by Ieva Viļuma – a person renowned in the Latvian society, who used to be a solo performer in the Latvian National Opera and a solo performer and director of the Riga Musical Theatre for many years. During the ""awakening"" period of the national operetta, after more than 10 years of stagnation, she was the one who managed to gather thousands of operetta lovers, letting them taste the magic of this magnificent genre once again. Read more

Ventspils Zivju Konservu Kombināts

Latvia is historically known as the producer of fish products due to its geographical location - 498 km coastal area and ancient fishing traditions. The JSC " Ventspils zivju konservu kombināts " is situated in the NW part of Latvia near the Baltic Sea, in the ice-free port of Ventspils, which is a beneficial place for the fish-processing industry. Read more

Mutton Baltic

Mutton Baltic – is a sheep-breeding farm with a flock of over 1000 sheep. It takes its roots in a peasant farmstead founded in 2006 to grow sheep of the Latvian dark-headed breed. In 2012, the farmstead has joined AB Holding. Over the next years, the farm has not only achieved an increase in the sheep stock, but also turned to breeding sheep of yet another breed known as the Finnish Ladrace-Feenship. These sheep are discerned for their high fertility and longer wool of higher quality. Read more

Rēzeknes gaļas Kombināts

"Rezekne meat factory was established in 2001. Currently, the factory takes one of the leading positions in Latvia as of it food processing amount. Today RGK - is
- Full cycle meat processing company;
- Facilities meets the requirements of EU;
- manufacture of cold-smoked sausages;
- canned food factory;
- frozen production and dumplings factory." Read more

Daugavpils gaļas Kombināts

Daugavpils meat factory Ltd. was founded in the 2010th. In 2011th company started to work on Russian market and at this moment successfully developing position on market. Company has conducted a partial reconstruction of factory, has built new products warehouse, and also continues to implement the project of the European Union, which would increase production volumes. Read more

Frozen meat factory

Since 2010, Rezekne Meat Factory owns a frozen food production manufacture. Assortment of products include dumplings with pork, beef, lamb and chicken, as well as Halal dumplings, which are made with beef. Factory also produces meatballs, varenyky, pancakes. Read more

Let Latvia becomes a prosperous country, in which our companies and their trademarks are saved to provide thousands of new jobs to us.
"The power is not the fury, but the ability to do good to others. Doing good means sharing your power with others. It can only be the one, who has a lot of power. The sun is powerful. And the good heart is powerful." / Rainis /
We always offer the best products! We produce highest quality products! We successfully employ time proven traditions with innovative technologies.

AB Holding - is

2011 Year of establishment 7 Areas 9 Companies in holding
€100M Annual turnover 1800 Employees 30 Export countries


Forbes Top 5

Products of RGK were included in the Forbes list of Top 5 most purchased products in Latvia.

Spectacular management

The annual prize for the spectacular management assigned by the Latvian Employers' Confederation, State Chancellery and the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of Latvia.


One billion euro in turnover.
Ambitious companies, set
ambitious targets.

Social projects

AB Holding companies have participated in Latvian social life throughout their existence. Regular financial and moral support have enabled the implementation of many social, cultural and sports projects.

Participation in the Public Organisation "Mārtiņa fonds" organised activities - summer camps, psychological counseling services.

Financial support in creation of projects of the society "School football league".

AB Holding was a sponsor of Junior competition of all fighting styles that took place in Riga in 2012 for the 15th time, where more than 200 young masters from 16 countries have participated.

Provision of financial support to the Latvian Disabled War Veterans Association.

Please seek detailed information about our support on the websites of our subsidiaries.


Guntis Piteronoks
Chairman of the Council
Mansur Abdulmuslimov
Deputy Chairman of the Council

Founder - Bislan Abdulmuslimov

A strong belief in the world lead by God.
Firm belief in God-controlled world and a desire for directness and honesty in words and actions are the qualities that characterize Bislans Abdulmuslimovs as a person.
Courage, determination and ability to make quick decisions in difficult situations are the qualities that best characterize Bislans Abdulmuslimovs as a businessman.
Charismatic ability to captivate people with bold ideas, persistence of the will, attention to the most important and distraction from the unwanted and unimportant are the qualities that best characterize Bislans Abdulmuslimovs as head of the company.
Breadth of view, the range of activity and openness to new viable ideas are the qualities that best characterize Bislans Abdulmuslimovs as the founder of the holding.


AB Holding
Duntes 11, Rīga,

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