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    AB Holding was established in 2011. Primary interest of holding is the food industry.

    AB Holding shares ownership of a number of companies, including: Ventspils Zivju Konservu Kombinats, Rezeknes Galas Kombinats, Daugavpils Galas Kombinats, sheep farm - Mutton Baltic, construction company AZ Inter, as well as dried berry product manufacturer - Ricberry.

    Our factories export products to 37 countries while our clients in Latvia include Rimi, Maxima, Prisma, Lido and many others. Currently, annual turnover of AB Holding is over 100 million euro, while the aim is to reach 1 billion euro in the short time.

    AB Holding

    Our primary interest is the food industry: production of meat and fish goods.

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    Our strategic setting - towards a concern with even more substantial increase in turnover outside Latvia, international expertise and an international division of labour.