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Daugavpils meat factory Ltd. was founded in the 2010th. In 2011th company started to work on Russian market and at this moment successfully developing position on market. Company has conducted a partial reconstruction of factory, has built new products warehouse, and also continues to implement the project of the European Union, which would increase production volumes.
At this moment company has reached production volumes ~15 tons of finished products per day. The plant has the potential to ~30 tons of finished products per day.
Daugavpils meat factory successfully develops its products under the brand ""Dinaburga”, which has reached high position on the Russian market. Assortment of Daugavpils meat factory consists of frankfurters, scalded sausages, boiled sausages, smoked and half smoked sausages, cervelat, cold smoked sausages, smoked meat etc.

Daugavpils gaļas kombināts - is

2011 Year
of establishment
3000+ Tons per year
100 Employees 51 Range of products
Our mission.
"Our mission Daugavpils Meat Factory produces tasty, high-quality and health-friendly food products. The priorities of our personnel are the observance of all applicable standards in order to maintain top product quality and continuous development of their skills and expertise.
One of the permanent objectives of the Daugavpils Meat Factory is the maintenance of technical upgrade procedures and technological improvement operations on a regular basis.


SIA „Daugavpils gaļas kombināts”
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